Cross MA mode - Oscillators

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I had a question, I know that there is this mode in the oscillators to look for crossing moving averages. I know that in the usual strategy when 2 MAs cross you would entry or exit an order. Working in tandem with the stochastic, you can target overbought/oversold areas for good timing on those turning points in theory.

My question is, how many moving averages are you using? where can you set them in the inputs to test them out in combination with each other?

Image 325

Where do I set the other MA for the cross over or above/below MA settings?

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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Cross MA mode for Stochastic works this way:

Main line should cross signal line under th specified level (for BUY).

As for MA settings, only period and method are available. MA is based on main oscillator line, so we don't need to select price used for calculations.

Please, let me know if it is still not clear enough.