NNFX Style Set File?

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I don't know if anyone is familiar with the No Nonsense forex algorithm conceived by VP.

It's a trend following strategy and you open two trades, close one at take profit and close the other until the exit indicator says so (or partial close).

I wonder if it is possible to implement in CP?


Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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Which part do you want to implement?

Entry signal? It's not concrete enough.

Partial close with some profit?

Closing by signal already works.

Elliot Alderson

Hi Andrey,

I am not as smart as you guys. I was hoping you could make sense out of it. 

https://nononsenseforex.com/ -> this is the guy who conceived the idea

https://nononsensetrader.com/ -> this guy has a lot of resources

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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So, you want me to learn this, to implement this to the EA, to test it, and to give you profitable set? )

It doesn't work this way, you should make your contribution to make it working.

Elliot Alderson

Thanks, I'll give it try!
Let's see if I can tweak the settings.

One more thing, can you make Take Profit and Stop Loss based on ATR?

I mean 1,5*ATR?

ATR is a good indicator of volatility.

Kishan Bhatt


You can implement at least a part of his algorithm your self. I would suggest the following actions for the open-close settings. 

You can use these elements

Oscillator 1

Oscillator 2

Identify Trend



MA 1

MA 2

MA 3

Make a choice of 3 you will use to make an open signal, set their open settings to what you want. 

Make a choice of 3 of them you want to use for close signals, set their close settings to what you want.

Calculate the stoploss yourself - change the lot risk accordingly and change the lot properties accordingly. 

Optimise for a particular currency using the tester. 

Personally, I use a combination of brute force/filtering for testing.