A few additions to EA: Closing Up/Below MA; StdDev entry limitation

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Let me start with the example.

I have an idea for the trend strategy. 

The main signal is when the price closes above/under the noise range.

Noise range is defined by some value of standard deviation. If we break it then we have a higher probability for the movent continuation.

In the current EA we can use MA filter with "Buy on cross UP" type and distance defined with StdDev volatility coefficient.

But as I see there is no possibility to tell the system that the candle should be closed above/below StdDev line, not just touch it.

If we are trying to catch a reverse signal then it is OK;

But for the breakthrough provements we need to clearly close above/below the noise range.

Image 778

Another point is that there is no possibility to limit entry with the Standard Deviation coefficient.

For example, I don't want to open a position if we close above 4 StdDev.

As an option, we have StdDev filter with the limitation in points only. But we cannot know how many points will be 4 stddev!!

Also we have a filter for candle size but again it is not corresponding with a statistical approach.

So it will be goog to have an option to put max/min limits with a coefficient (as in MA filter).

Image 779

First I was going to propose to add BBands indicator as a filter as an addition to StdDev.

But now I see that we can implement the same logic by using just a StdDev indicator.

So I suggest adding an option for the signal when the candle closes below/above certain level.

And to add coefficient limitation for StdDev filter

What do you think about it :)

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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Aleksey, sorry for a such long delay with answer...

I think you need "Use closed bars only" and "Reverse mode" options for the MA filter.

1st one will allow you to open new deal after bar is closed

2nd one will allow you to activate another MA filter with Reverse signals and "Open on" Collective signal (neutral signals accepted)

What do you think?

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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