Include a 2nd Identify Trend Filter

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The main use for now is for a short term strategy that does not implement the use of martingale.

The below trades are following a M15 Trend Filter (hidden). The Trend Filter you can see on the chart is H1. Using both time frames together we can get some nice entries and eliminate false signals.

I think this will be valuable tool for other strategies going forward.

Image 1154

I think it looks very promising, I have circled the bad trades, you have to remember that these would not only be eliminated but taken in the opposite direction which will make a huge difference. Would just need to optimise pending order\trailing stop\TP or close on signal values. There will be some losses on trend change but surely we can get a statistical edge? Also this is using TDI that has not been optimised, will need checking or even turned off.

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Planned (collecting votes)

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