Using two signals for closing trades, whichever comes later

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At present we can use two signals for closing trades, but as a collective signal.

But the present suggestion is to have two signals from two different indicators/oscillators/moving averages. And EA shud close the trades based on the signal which ever comes later.

In my case, I want to use STO & CCI. Whenever price action is rapid, CCI gives the close signal first whereas when price action is at steady pace, STO gives the close signal first.

For example yesterday, CP closed its trades at 1.22103 using STO as per below screenshot. But CCI gave sell signal at 1.22240. This means we have missed a profit of  13 pips.

Image 1423

So, if we have option to book the trades based on the signal whichever comes later, we shall be able to maximize the profits.

I have already posted a set at Improvement to Live CP Set with CCI Closing which indicates that most of the times, CCI signal is coming later.

As per discussion with Andrey sir, this is complex. But I would like to take this fwded with all ur support. So plz keep ur votes coming in.

To spice it up, I would like to have feature of some % of trades to be closed at first signal and rest on receiving second signal. This shall help in control of DD, which I observed in the above improvement set file.