Indicator Based SL & SL Based TP


Ok I will keep it simple and short. I don't want you to get bored.

My manual trading strategy has around %60 winrate with 1:2 Risk/Reward Ratio. It works fine with almost every major pair at 15M - 1H timeframe. This is simple MACD strategy with 200EMA, I sell at pullback in a downtrend or buy at pullback in an uptrend. MACD gives beautiful entry signals.

The problem is, putting SL and TP is everything in this strategy. There's no global values or fixed numbers that can work with this strategy. This is just an example by the way. There are many strategies out there that are not useful with global SL values or fixed numbers.

The best SL point in my strategy is 200EMA itself. Stop Loss is at 200EMA value where the trade is opened and Take Profit is x2 SL distance. SL and TP is opened at the moment when the trade is opened and stays untouched until the end.

*There are also other strategies that use Parabolic SR as moving SL.

*There are variations of 1min scalping strategies highly depend on EMA as SL or TP.

*Not sure if this is already in CP but I couldn't find it on settings or forum. If there is, I'm sorry :)

I hope this is not hard to implement. At least for EMA and adding an option that we can "double the SL distance as TP" that simply makes 1:2 RRR. I can put sets like daily if we get this.

Sets with no martingale at all :)