Couple of standalone filter ideas - 'Bars since last touched MA_blank' and 'Green/Red ratio'


Hi again all and Andrey!

What do you think of this:

Bars since last touched MA_blank

For MA filters, buy above MA and sell below MA are of course good in tandem with other filters, e.g. RSI, but often the RSI sensitivity and other filters can send conflicting signals triggering closes that could be ignored, as well as lots of false signals are sent when price is going back and forth over the MA -

If for example MA1's period is set to 9 and MA2's to 20, as in my previous big idea post, a good big filter (maybe incorporated into MA filters maybe standalone), could be 'Bars since last contact with MA_X'

Bars since last touched: 10

MA to apply to: 1/2/3

Buy above / Sell below
Reverse mode

I know the pending order is close to this, but specifically to integrate it with the signals from the three MA filters, what do you think? Bars since last contact with MA (choose) could have a lot of significance in dynamic and volatile markets perhaps?

Second filter idea:

Green/Red ratio:

Set the number of previous bars to analyse, choose how to use it, and define a percentage - good for identifying longer trends (sure could have other uses as well, particularly while markets are ranging etc.) - It's kind of like a volatility filter, but it lets you know if there's currently a winning 'side', and therefore likely which way it might go next, or if it's a messy / ranging / unpredictable state, could be powerful in tandem with other filters / oscillators


Bars to look back at: 10

Option: Less than / Greater than
Ratio (percentage): 90(%)

What do you think?