Binary Option (Expand EA capability to support binary option trading)


Proposed to have some binary option capability


- enable/ disable binary option for binary option type account use (when enabled, the EA will open and close each trade according to preset expiry time)

- expiry time settings

- existing EA functions/ capabilities no change and work within the preset expiry time. for example, martin #2 can still be opened if the #1 trade still not expired (similar like in forex setup). if binary option is set to expired in 1 min, new martin trade may not have chance to open. however another new trade  can be opened along with the earlier opened trade (yet to expired trade). multiple open trades are allowed.

*Note: The above is not exhausted, I may missed out some critical features/ functions required for BO to work best. Please feel free to feedback if this add some value.

With binary options, we establish the profit and loss upfront. Trades are less affected by market volatility. There is also less risk involved, as losses are capped at the original investment.

Just an idea for the community consideration. Perhaps diversification and mixed strategy for us all.

Hope the idea helps in anyway.

Thank you.