3rd algorithm for determining min Martin Step Size (from the previous Martin)

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OP - Open price

d1, d2 - calculated Step Size (min Step Size) to M1, M2

M1, M2 - Martingales orders

Image 2518

How will the CP adviser behave in this situation when
M1 is opened by a signal at a distance (greater than) > d1+d2 ???

Image 2519


Another "fair" calculation method of Martin Step

M1, M2, M3 - Martingales orders
d1 - min 1st Step Size from Options
d(n>1) - calculated Step Size (min Step Size) to M(n>1) from M(n-1)
D(n>1) - real distance of M(n>1) from M(n-1)

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Planned (collecting votes)

For now, the Step is calculated from the last entry. So, it is Var 2 at your picture.

You idea to calculate next step depending on the real previous distance is clear and can be implemented.