Partial Closing Lot & Sequences

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On the wonderful Partial Closing, there have an automatic adjustment on the lot size based on sequences of the existing trade layers. 
So, If my initial in 0.01 lot, multiply marti x2 , partial closed on 5th layer, then after the 5th layer ( 0.16 lot ) closed the 1st layer (0.01) in profit, the next 'first' sequence is 0.02. Then if again the "next 5th layers" opened, it will opened as 0.32, due to the 'next 5th layers' calculated with 1st initial lot as 0.02. 

If this things keep going, the lot size will become so big, and somehow this makes the Partial Closing is wonderful as also can crashed the account. 
I used Partial Closing for DD Reduction, so Closed Profit on Itself : TRUE is somewhat not really helping me on reduce the DD and makes the grid set to move to better grid position. 

Apart of having max lot size on the set, can it be included a setting on the partial closing :

Initial Lot :

  • keep 1st  ---> so the next layer will always follow the multiplication sequence from original 1st lot size
  • follow sequence ---> this is the current one , follow the multiplication sequence from current 1st lot size

Thanks a lot!!

    Sai Pratap

    One problem I could see is by doing this, we may not be able to close the trades partially as the lot  size has been drastically reduces say for example, from 0.32 to 0.01 as u mentioned. Then the hold time will be much longer and we may miss the small corrections that happen in the meanwhile and keep the trades still open bcoz of this and may even end up blowing the account.

    Instead we can think of hedging and closing the trades which are already available in CP.