Help: Max drawdown and GA Stoploss not working?

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As the title says. I've set a Max Daily Drawdown of £350 and a GA Stoploss of £9500 on my set file. I also have close open trades set to true:
CP-EA-v2.44_MT5_EURUSD_M5_ARM-2017-v2-NON F....set

However when it comes to actually testing it the max equity drawdown and balance drawdown are both way higher than £350 and it breaks the 9500 GA Stoploss i have set aswell..? 

Anyone able to help?

Liam Nagle

Sorry forgot to attach results:

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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It works as designed - closes a loss when it reaches 350.

But it can’t guarantee that tomorrow will be profitable )

So, if you have 10 days with losses in a row, your DD will be 3500.

Read this old article about tester stats --

Here is the illustration of DD calculation: