Advanced Position Sizing Section

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In order to maintain martingale-strategies with fixed stop-loss, a position sizing logic can provide superior results if it can scale up the position size depending on the win rate from last #N positions.


  • 5 last positions were opened and closed with TP -> WinRate(N=5) is 1.0 --> Good reason to decrease the position size of the position by a factor.
  • 5 last positions were closed with loss (SL) -> WinRate(N=5)=0 -> good reason to increase the position size of 6th position by a factor.

This aligns in some way with a previously discussed idea to introduce kelly critorion.


kelly intro video: 

Youtube video

I therefor propose to create a new section called PositionSizing, which will include the currently available `apply Martingale after closed loss` checkbox and some others.

This way it will be possible to define separate position scaling logics: one for in-trade-scaling (the current martingale settings) and one for closed-trade-scaling.