Indicator Tagging for broader strategy implementation

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I wonder if on each indicator, can be add with 'tag number'. The purpose is to easily use several combination of indicators, to maximize the use of all the indicators, for more entries. 

Example :
On stochastic 1 , we choose in-zone, and on the final line of the setting, add Tag Number. For example we put 1 as the tag number.
On MA 1, we put buy above sell below, also 1 as the tag number. 

This will isolate the indicators to react based only on the same tag numbers.  When all the indicators tagged as 1 is light up, then entry. 

Then, on stoch 2, we choose cross MA, and tag it as 2
On Identify indicator, we tag as 2. 

Then again, we can choose MACD and tag it as 3
and tag Dtrend as 3. 

This way, those above combination can give more 1st entries instead of a single set of indicator's. 


Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Under review

Hmm.. I guess it is good idea to have 'groups' of indicators for signal.

But it can be done with multi-set version of EA, I guess. When it is ready, of course )

Let's think about this a bit.