Open larger positions under certain conditions


Hi all, I have been using CP since the early days and have structured some strategies that have given satisfactory results.

However, after thousands of backtests done, I realized that it might be useful to have an option that opens a larger position in certain conditions and smaller in others. This is to try to optimize gains, in theory.

For example, suppose we are working with 3 moving averages and have set the option to open a 1-lot position once the "collective signal" condition is reached on 2 moving averages. I would like that if the collective signal condition is reached on 3 moving averages, it would open for example 2 lots and not 1.

Also, but I did not quite understand how to do it, if you can increase a position "in trend" as for example you already do with hedging, but I would like to do it without hedging.

For example: I open 1 lot in a short position, I would like after 50 points, for example, still open a second 1.5 lot position (and so on).

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