closing multiple trades question or suggestion

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when you get deep in a martingale, anti-martingale with hedging.

sometimes you're in deep like 20-30 trades

when it/if it does go in profit, when your back testing the trades all close at the same time

if it's live the trades close one at a time it might take a second to close 2 trades

so when it's 20-30 trades it could take 10-15 seconds for all the trades to close

in that time you could end up losing the trade that you've won

is there any way you can program it so it closes all the winners at once, and losers all at once after?

and by at once i mean if it's 3 in the morning, theres 30 trades, 18 are winners, 12 are losers

so it closes all the 18 winners at 3 am. and it closes all the losers at 3 am and 1 second

there has to be a way to send all the winners at once and have them all processed at once, and then have the losers all send in and processed at once one second later.

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Planned (collecting votes)

You're right, multiple positions can be closed with one trade request.

It should lock the profit/loss. Then, EA can close positions by another positions without changes of total profit.

For example, if you have 28 sell-positions with total lot = 3.5, all you need is to open buy 3.5 lots, and then close all 28 sells by this buy (it can be done within a millisecond).

But that is not a high priority task for now.