Moon phase with MA200

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Hello everyone.
I just came across with this anormally, which I'm sure is known by a few people already...
The idea is to Buy on new moon, Sell on full moon or vice vasa.
And if you look at the chart together with the MA200(H1), when the price is above, buy on new moon, then sell on Full moon.
If the price is below the MA200, then you sell on new moon and buy on Full moon.
I also found a few indicater, Moon phase, moon cycles on Tradingview.
Here's chart since 12 Oct 2022 to 24 jan 2023 USDJPY with MA200.
It does seeme to work....
Not sure how to implement the idea, but thought I'd ask....

Image 4111


You need custom indicator for MT4/5 showing moon phases and combine it with MACD(1, 200) >/< 0 filter.

Share your results, if any )


look like mod parabolic sar ?