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I think now that we have many indicators, we should use different methods to get better signals from them.
It means to add an option to open the deal whenever the ratio of the number of signals increases to the desired number

In the picture, the number of sell signals is more than the buy signals, and with each of the options, you can choose more options than less.
If possible, all of them can be used simultaneously

Image 5396

Ulises Cune

you're crazy!! You don't understand how CP works


It is an interesting suggestion

Currently we have only 3 choices:

individual signal:

which is a single signal

And it is not used in collective signals

collective signal:

If there are 2 negative signals against 20 positive signals, the trade will not be done.

This means 2 is better than 20 signals!!!

collective signal (neutral signals accepted):

which opens collective signals without considering the opposite signals. But it is a bug

because it randomly opens signals unrelated to the indicators.

In my opinion, we need another option more :

"The collective signal is more than less"

(That is, the neutral signal and chance signals do not trade, and it does not affect the sum of the most signals

One negative signal against 20 positive signals does not prevent the trade from opening)

Image 5404

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Under review

Yeah, it can work with dozens of indicators.

And even with a very few of them, for example you can open position on any 3 out of 4 signals with a coefficient 3.

Maybe we also need to add a "Min number of signals" to activate this?

Because, ratio 1.3 will allow entry with only 1 signal, if there are no opposite signals at the moment.

What do you think?