Invalid Points reference (It's using PIPs instead)

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  • Not a bug

It seems like every where in the EA where it's talking about Points, it's in fact a PIP.

A Point is the last decimal of a price, the smallest change possible. I.e. a change of price from 1.23456 to 1.23457 on EURUSD would represent 1 Point increase.

In the case of this EA, if I want to trigger a TakeProfit if the EURUSD price move from 1.23000 to 1.23100, in reality it's a 100 points move (or 10 pips), but in the EA settings I would need to set the TakeProfit value to 10, instead of 100.

Same goes with the Martingale Step, etc.

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Not a bug

It's not a bug, it is a feature ;)

We can argue about this topic endlessly, but it's pointless.

I find a bit confusing that everywhere in the trading world, a Point is a Point, but in CP a Point is a PIP.

But fair enough, I can live with that anyway, it's not a big deal :)