New fonction for the EA

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Hi peoples :) Im new on the forum here, but I've been using the ea for quite some time and i love it ! Thank you.

I was wondering if it was possible to add a fonction to the EA. 

I need it to be able to check the price between X and X hours (exemple between 5 am ny time and 10 am ny time) and depending if the trend was going up, i would like to open a long or a short at X hour X minutes ny time. And if the trend was going down, open a long or open a short at X Hour X minutes ny time.

Maybe it is already possible to do it, but I haven't found the way for now.

thanks alot :) have a good day

Ulises Cune

You can do it now. You can use an EMA together with the Time parameters so that it only operates in that time range.

Time (

Sai Pratap

U can also try zig zag function and time filter.