STTS Custom indicator set up question

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Is anyone who is using the Smart Trend Trading System MT5 indicator on MQL5? I tried to add it as a custom indicator, but it seems that I failed miserably.

I attached it to the chart and updated the settings as per the screenshot below, the location is in Indicators\Market, but it says "2024.01.09 21:19:05.480 CommunityPower MT5 (EURUSD,H1) Can't load ""Indicators\Market\Smart Trend Trading System MT5".ex5" indy, error #4802!"

For the indicator path, I tried Market\Indname and Indicators\Market\indName .., with no luck another thing that I am confused with is the indicator  parameters ...not sure how I am supposed to add them ( I read the Forum ...and it is still not clear to me ..sorry)

Image 5624

On seller page, regarding the buffers,  he says:
Trend Breakout catcher:

SetIndexBuffer(4, buyexit)

I added 0 and 1 as buy-sell, but where am I supposed to add the 4 and 5 for trade exits?

Definitely, I am doing something wrong there, and I was wondering if anyone is using it and can give me a hint of how I can set it up.

I tried to follow the instructions from the Forum ..but no luck..:(

I am quite new to this "game", so please have patience ... This is probably a silly question for those of you with more experience.

Thanks for your help.



Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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What the exact file name? Path should start with "Market\", if your indicator is in this folder.

As for the parameters, try to start with an empty string (it will use defaults). When it works, start to add parameters.

For the close signal you need to set another Custom indy block.

marius p.

Based on your advice Andrey I made some progress; here are the updated settings:

Image 5628

added a second custom indy with the buffer values for exit trades:

Image 5629

but once I click load in the journal I get:
2024.01.10 11:25:34.566 Indicators custom indicator Smart Trend Trading System MT5 (EURUSD,H1) loaded successfully
2024.01.10 11:25:34.581 Experts initializing of CommunityPower MT5 (EURUSD,H1) failed with code 1
2024.01.10 11:25:34.589 Experts expert CommunityPower MT5 (EURUSD,H1) removed
Any other tip? Thanks

Ulises Cune

Leave the "Indicator parameters" empty, without the double quotes.

Once it works for you, you can add the parameters and customize them.

You have this script in which you first save the indicator configuration file and then add it to the script so you can copy and paste the values into CP.

Script Convert Indicator Set To Comma Separated / CommunityPower EA