TRailing Stop Prevs Candles

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Good night all ! I haven't been here in a while, always trying to find the holy grail of CommunityPower to surpass Elon Musk by millions. 

I'm trying to design a scalping strategy, although it's not what I like the most. 

One of the drawbacks that I have found in the Dax in a time frame of 5 minutes, is that I would like to be able to stop using the trailing stop and be able to switch to a trailing by previous candle or other previous ones (being able to define the number). 

Attached is the graph of a test that I perform in an open operation.

The idea would be that one can define the stop loss to be located below the previous candle or candles and selecting minimum price or opening price or closing price or average price etc.

Image 5777

Andrey Khatimlianskyi
  • Under review

Good to see you again!

This should definitely be done and has been asked for many times.

Let's discuss what other SL calculation options we need and implement them.

Ezequiel Bessone

I'm still looking for a scalping strategy that is reasonably profitable and can be automated as much as possible.

In relation to the trailing stop prev candles, I want to clarify that in upward positions, the candle that I take as a reference is the bullish previous one.

In selling positions, the candles that I take as reference are the bearish ones.