Mean reversion M5H1

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I am looking to set up the CP ea for a simple mean reversion strategy.

Strategy : 

Sell : H1 - RSI > 75 + M5 - EMA 9 and price crossover

Buy :  H1 - RSI < 25 + M5 - EMA 9 and price crossover


Extra positions : Put extra positions as a percentage of ADR (10 day), for this one I would like to go in when price has moved 0.75% of an ADR

Drawdown control : Take 0.3 % of the first position when price has moved 1 ADR away

Take profit : Half an ADR (10 day) of the pair

Stop loss : none

I have set up a testing set in which I have fixed manually the parameters that require ADR as I couldn't figure out how to incorporate that. I would like to make it such that for every instrument I test it on, the ADR calculations are done according to the pair.

I would appreciate if someone can incorporate ADR (also not sure which ADR indicator to use) for this set or just a suggestion as how to incorporate that.

Thank you!

Mean reversion m5H1 

MT version:
Set for MT5 only
EA version:
EURUSD/other pairs in work

Nevermind, having similar results with ATR.