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Hello All

These are just some set files tested on IC markets, on a 1.500 leverage on a 1k deposit and tested from Jan 2020 - Present all on a 5 minute time frame. But there is a variety of time frames actually used in practice. 










Now the % of successful trades vary from ~60-70%, with varying draw down. If you want them to work on a low balance, then just lower the max lot size to the smallest. There is a good recovery factor with these also. Each stop-loss, take profit, trailing stop loss etc has been optimised for this time period of Jan 2020 until now.  Again, some of these might blow up on a longer back test. I optimised these to work in the current, turbulent time frame. My main aims were a good % of successful trades and durability and the ability to bounce back . 

Not martingale settings used at all. All tested with 99-100% real ticks. Hope this is of use to some of you or at least somewhere to work from. I expect someone to validate these results, please do and I welcome feedback from the community!

MT version:
EA version:
FX Majors
M5 and various
Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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Kishan, good job! Thank you.

Sai Pratap

I have tested all the set files on OctaFX, but from 2019 onwards.

I did not find the results so convincing to adopt for live account.

Few sets have blown off the 500$ account.

I did not try to optimize it further due to paucity of time. Will try to optimize few sets if possible during weekend. Thanks for your time.

Kishan Bhatt

Hi Sai,

They probably won't work for earlier periods. I am finding myself right now optimising very often in response to different situations. Part of it is developing a methodology to optimise the EA in the first place. Yesterday, my natural gas EA hasn't traded for weeks. Then all of a sudden it nearly wipes out an account. Good thing it was a demo. But given the amounts I can feasibly put in, it wasn't viable to continue with it. 

For smaller accounts, sub 500, I just set the max lot size to the minimum. At least the losses don't wipe out the little you start with. In terms of criss compatibility of sets. From our recent comparisons it is clear that few set files can be suited from 1 broker to another.