SET Contest

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These are the sets in use in the OctaFX contest, if you want to make changes to improve them you are welcome. The idea is to check if it is convenient and if it is possible to use with a small account of 1000 € more CP sets at the same time
MT version:
Set for MT4 only
EA version:
CP 2.25
5 min
dante tunica

Risk reduction

With the last few trades CP has shown the Achilles heel, enters a short position on a support, the market turns quickly without ever retracing enough to break even and the trend starts on the opposite side significantly increasing the loss.

In February I put 6 different CP settings to work with € 1000 in demo. At the moment the default transaction 3040 is at a loss, but the offsetting of the others, which did not follow the same movement, allowed the account to rise anyway and keep the assets still in profit. Let's see how the set of operations will proceed in the coming days. I will keep you updated.

dante tunica

Test result. The final result was undoubtedly positive + 18.69% in 4 weeks with a value that even reached 50%. I didn't stop working the 3040 set even though it was clearly in pain and at the end of -250 $, but I wanted to be as realistic as possible. The set on GU also went bad - 80 $. Unfortunately the contest lasts 4 weeks and then the demo account is closed and you can no longer have the data to study the situation. I'll do another test with multiple sets operating simultaneously to have more performance and compensation-diversification in operations.