Heiken Ashi


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I propose to include the use of heiken ashi in CP. In the metatrader they are already default. Strategy to be applied: Using the daily you need to establish the trend reversal candle with the color change. At this point it should be checked whether in the past there have been bounces, supports or resistances in that area. Then using the 30 minutes you enter with the heikin ashi candle of the same color as the daily. Exit at the 30-minute or daily color change. It could be integrated with the super trend to have a simpler indication of the movement.

I think it can be a technique that can work positively on many more pairs. The operation allows you to follow trends and have less drowdown. Vote if it sounds interesting to you

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MT version:
Both MT5 and MT4 set-files available
EA version:
CP 2.25
5 Minuti, 30 minuti, 1 giorno