Directional Set

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Just need to update the side of trades based on long term trend.

Directional Set.set

Update the "Trade direction" (Buy only/sell only) based on long term trend in the set file.

Image 1536

Below are the results on buy side and sell side, trend direction as per me.

Buy side :

Image 1529

Image 1534

Sell side:

Image 1531

Image 1535

From 19.06.2021, I have been on buy side based on weekly support. So if anyone want to try, may give a shot on buy trend, till further updates.

The set file is simple. No complex settings except identifying the long term trend manually and update the trend direction accordingly.

If u forget to update the trend direction, it may just blow off the account. Be careful.

NOTE : I have chose the above dates for backtest as per the trend directions I have updated on telegram channel.

MT version:
Set for MT5 only
EA version:

Hi Sir ! My tests with my broker FBS (Better since this week because they reduce the spread for EURUSD).

I change for real conditions if it was me :  0,02/1000 $ and deposit 2500$ (I will never use 10 000 for launch an EA too risky for my opinion). I took the Sell period and very good results for only 3 weeks :

But it can be a drama if the trend (Buy or Sell) isn't good, the same period with Buy :

And for the Buy period you said, very good too :

Conclusion : 

Good set if you have the good direction, easy with past data because we know, but what about now ? Need professionnel or experimented person for say the good direction and dont forget to change. Have a nice day.

Sai Pratap

Thanks sir.

As mentioned in my opening post, if u don't choose trend direction correctly, it will eat up ur account.

Iam running live on cent account with buy trend now. Lets see the result.