1 Hour - EU - 6 trades per dir. - from 100$ - 2020-2022

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OTTIMO... CP EU 1H da 100$ 2020-2022.zip

Hi there
A few weeks ago I took the following test.
I can't set it properly to repeat similar results. But it would be interesting to get the same results either in a Roboforex cent account with the goes at 500 (but spreads up to 30), or on an ICMARKETS account with leverage at 30.

Below is a test performed in MT5
Timeframe 1H
1: 500
but with history taken from ICMARKETS
Initial budget of $ 100

So I ask that you can test it with your most suitable database and settings, sharing the set files, screenshot, and all the info necessary to do that on MT4 and MT5. Thanks.

Image 2693

Image 2694

Image 2695

Image 2696

MT version:
Both MT5 and MT4 set-files available
EA version:

What do you mean by sharing THE DEFAULT SET?!!!!!

Also the default set timeframe is M5 not H1


I probably didn't explain myself or I didn't understand what you're talking about.

Mine is not a "set" with large different changes, but it is a set that gave me that report back. Starting with a budget of $ 100, I think it's a great result!

Since I like the result, I need someone who can be more experienced than me in backtesting, if this result is repeatable with the requests I wrote above (Roboforex, high spread for EU max 30pips, CENT account, but leverage at 500, OR ICMARKETS, leverage at 30, but very low spread).

I didn't say that I invented a "set".

In fact, I wrote my request on telegram, and I was rightly told to create a thread on the forum to ensure that all the answers relating to this topic were grouped together.

Am I asking for something inappropriate? Or can I somehow sort it out by myself, if it's a foolish request for you?

Thank you


There is all parameters inside your report and I compared it with the default set using https://text-compare.com/

and there is no difference was found.

Maybe you got that result because of DEMO Account

Also the real time frame inside the report is 5M:


Okay, so being a demo account, backtesting can be fake, right?

Because I have tried in several ways to repeat it, and I have never had the same result.

However, I didn't understand how I got this good result with the report.

Probably something did not work correctly, because it did not have the same setting, otherwise what was I testing ...?

I'm sorry I made this thread useless practically.

Thanks, I'll continue with my tests, recreating a better testing environment.


there's no way to delete this thread? Excuse me for inconvenience