Pip strategy scalping


Hello Everyone, 

Lately, i have been playing around with Renko charts, and I was wondering if this simple strategy could be automated.

Is all based on pip and the price since renko is based pure on pips.

- when the price goes up 10 pips, go down of 5 pips and goes up again 5 pips= Open a BUY
- when the price goes down 10 pips, goes up 5 pips and goes down again 5 pips= Open a BUY

with Renko the position will be closed once a brick of opposite colors will appear so it could be closed once the price goes down 10 pips from the current price?!  

I'm not sure this is even possible to automate without the renko charts, but I hope I could get some suggestions too :)

MT version:
Both MT5 and MT4 set-files available
EA version: