For 100$ up to 200$ deposit leverage of 1:100

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Updated Modify  Default set Pending order with Martin and First both with 0.01 lot only!

for 100$ up to 200$ deposit standard account!

Tested in Tester  visualize with zero latency, ideal execution!

With minimum deposit of 170$ only leverage of 1:100

GBPCAD custom period of 22.10.01 up to 2022.11.16 Note is tested in month of October to November 2022

I recommend its use a vps for live account!

But before live account try it in tester 1st also in demo...

its use stochastic 21 7 3

Identify D1



Stoploss is set to 30!!!

Note: You can adjust the stoploss!

anyone have a idea how to improve this set file. 

you can share it its for everyone....

thanks.. Safe Trading Everyone!

Image 3848

set file

MT version:
Set for MT5 only
EA version:
M5 only
Sai Pratap

Y test only for 45 days?

U can get the true picture by conducting backtest for a higher duration like 2019 to today.

Anyways thanks for sharing the set file to community. U can improve the set by optimizing and forward testing.  

Samuel Nguyen

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Image 3851

Miano's Tech

yeah thanks you so much Sai i update this set file later...

Miano's Tech
Quote from Samuel Nguyen

Image 3850

Image 3851

thanks for testing i update the set file later..