Trading Made Simple by Big E (RIP)

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Hello guys, I am new in here! I have been looking for simple strategies less indicator, less analysz and safe trading... is it possible? almost yes! Many years ago a man shared an idea in and I read it! Many trades still sharing profits! but for this strategy TF is H4 and London and US open hours. so Pleas check strategy and try to make a setfile, I tried but failed cause I am not a pro for CP EA! Hope someone help me. Greetings for all.

MT version:
Both MT5 and MT4 set-files available
EA version:
CP Last one
Serdar Altuntas

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Serdar Altuntas

He trade when TDI croos and exit when TDI line goes flat. That is all, so simple. He was trade H1 and H4 but H4 better I think. Pleas check and focus it. so simple.