BigCandle Safe Trade

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This setup trade safe and reliable.  

Using Bigcandle and Oscillator #1 and Oscillator #2 to get the write direction and enter to the trade. 

Also using Trailing stop as TP. 

Please consider that the chart time frame has to be on "Daily"

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At least please help to make it better day in day out. 

MT version:
Set for MT5 only
EA version:

I've evaluated your strategy, but it exploded. The underlying concept is sound, but the approach is excessively aggressive. Using a martingale's lot coefficient of "2" with 0.01 per 1,000 is a recipe for a nuclear blast :DD

Here's my personal recommendation (assuming you have 10,000 units of capital to test with):

The core strategy is fundamentally valid. Consider implementing a standard Daily (ATR) with a 20-period setting, and base your martingale system on volatility coefficients. This will make your grid more dynamic and responsive = smart.

Regarding lot coefficient: Reducing it to 1 or 1.1 would significantly decrease the risk, or you can substantially lower your initial lot size, perhaps to 0.001 every 1,000.

Step Size: Let's initiate with "1" or "1.1" and use "coefficient to volatility" instead of fixed points.

Step Increase Coefficient: You've currently set it at 0.6, which means the grid becomes more frequent as it descends (or ascend).Combined with the martingale you've implemented, it's far too aggressive.

You might consider setting it at 1 for a milder approach. If you truly wish to increase the aggressiveness of your grid to the extreme, you'll need to be even more conservative with the martingale. In your place, I'd consider put that parameter to 1.2  and see

Hope it can helps :)

PS: IMHO for understanding if a setup is safe and reliable it should be tested on at least 10 years timeframe

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babak raufi

I usually test my setups from 2017 (this setup dose not work with this timeframe too). I think this is fair because I think before that the market was not like these days. 

Totally you right. thanks for your advise. I am working on the new setup with your Ideas. 


big candle can reverse  after close carefull  ( just my advise)

back test with visual  then u know the strategy