TradeGPT (Bybit) with Line Filter

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The idea is to show the possibility that Line Filters (>=v2.55) gives and use TradeGPT from ByBit to be able to put together a strategy with CP to create it.

I clarify that I have not yet been able to execute it, I created it yesterday and I leave it here so that others can collaborate with something.

When opening an account at ByBit with MT4.

Then in the chat:

You can consult him:

Analyze ETH today, then suggest at least 3 suitable trading strategies, explain why and strategy's characteristics. The strategies should include the direction, entry price, and so on.

Image 5421

Image 5422

Entry Price: Above the resistance price of the Bollinger Bands ($2,331.97)

Image 5423

Image 5424

Image 5425

Stop Loss: Below the support price of the Bollinger Bands ($2,185.58)

Image 5426

Image 5427

Image 5428

It is a way to create strategies with their corresponding risk as well. I have added trailing and Martingale and other options, in case it doesn't work out.

Image 5429

Image 5430

Config CP 2.57 MT4:


MT version:
Set for MT4 only
EA version: