How to update the EA to the newest version

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If you already have CommunityPower EA installed and want to get the newest version, find it on the Market tab of your MetaTrader terminal and press Update button:


If you experience any troubles while updating or if you want to download an update right after release (while the terminal doesn’t see the new version), find and delete EA from your hard drive and install it from the very beginning. To find the EA, use the “File - Open Data Folder” command in your terminal, then go to “MQL4\Experts\Market\” folder. You need to delete the “CommunityPower MT4.ex4” file (MQL5 and ex5 for MetaTrader 5).


If you have one or more CommunityPower EA launched on this terminal, all their settings will be dropped to defaults after update!

To prevent incorrect work, before update:

  • Disable auto-trading,
  • Save your settings (set-file), template (tpl-file) or whole profile.

And after update:

  • Load your profile/template/set,
  • And enable auto-trading.