Martingale : To open layer based on Favorable TP distance & Dynamic Time Frame

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Got 2 things to share, if this may be of interest for our CP :

1. Martingale open layers based on TP Distance
Martingale in CP opens layers if certain conditions is met, but, mostly based on distance. 

In some market condition, oftentimes prices are sideways to much, thus make the next martingale layer couldn't open. 
In some ways, when the last layer is stuck on sideways, the way to make the TP distance closer, is to open another marti layer on that sideways situation. EA will not calculate based on distance from last layer, but calculate if the new layer will bring TP Closer or not. 
This way , on sideways, TP distance can be shortened, as well as the risk of dragged out even more if market decided to still go other way. 

So  if this feature is ON, CP can open layer Marti by minimum distance and/or calculation if the TP will be shorter ( by x %, probably ? )

2. Dynamic Time Frame for Martingale layers
User can set dynamic time frame for martingale layers; with the choice of a. based on DD% b. based on #of layers opened. 
Example, in the main set, TF M1 is choosed. After DD reached 5%, TF changed to M5, and after DD Reached 10% TF changed to M15, and so on. 
Or, it could be after #layers opened. 

Both idea above, if combined, may give more 'time' for the trades to shorter the TP, and also save some margin on unfavorable conditions. 

Will love to hear from you guys. 


Andrey Khatimlianskyi
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Christian, thanks for your ideas!

1. TP can be decreased if average position Open Price can be improved. OP can be improved with adding new lot at a better price. So, any time price goes 1 point from the last entry, you can open new martin trade, and TP will decrease. Of course, we understand that this is straight way to the hell ))

You can try to do this not every point, but every x% of move, but it will be equal to work with martingale as it is (maybe, step should be calculated like % but I'm not sure).

I suggest to set Step = 1 and apply some signal to the new martingale trades. It will allow you not to open trades on every bar, but to decrease TP with time.

Another option that can help -- Min pause between trades (in bars of Signal TF).

You can set any Step, but decrease number of entries with this parameter.

2. This will be possible with this improvement that I'm going to implement soon --

Christian Paramon

hi andrey thank you

the main point of the Idea #1 is to have the EA calculate better position to favorably decrease the TP distance on the  sideways condition.
often time market just wont move to the idel level for new layer ( not enough distance from the last layer ) but actually price could still be favorable for the averaging. And if the new marti entry is coming, the TP could get closer by xx points or xx%.

the main point of the idea #2 is to put some brakes on the EA after lot of layers opened or DD is high already -- but the EA will still try to calculate entry for better TP position, its just the frequency will be lesser.

I have read about your inputs and the new idea on the new update, cant find some understanding to have those to accomodate above points

thank you for the really great job for the EA and the improvements!!!