Emergency hedges

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In the description we find this:

If you want to replace Auto-hedge after order #, that was available before v2.50, set:
  • Allow hedge on its own signal only = False
  • Allow hedge only right after main position open = True
  • Allow hedge only after main order # = desired value
If you want to replace Auto-hedge on DrawDown, set:
  • Allow hedge on its own signal only = False
  • Allow hedge only right after main position open = False
  • Max hedge orders number = 1
  • Allow hedge only on main DrawDown % = desired value

But this setup does not fully restore the functionality from older versions.

I started this thread 3 years ago and Andrey changed the code. Over the years things changed again and now it is not possible anymore to force-open a hedge because of the "allow" nature of the setting. Please bring back the "force" nature called "auto-hedge" back in the days. 

The idea is to open an emergency hedge (or a series of them) on a high DD or/and after the last martingale. Let's assume things went wrong and your DD is 50%. Opening a hedge (series) with the same lot will balance the account (losses will remain the same, only swap to pay).

To recover from this locked situation partial close is used.

Module partial close needs to get expanded by a hedge-factor. This factor should be applied to "min part of losing order to close" - as it is harder to close an losing order with a hedge than with a main. Usable values for such a factor IMO would be ~ 0.25 - 0.5. So if the EA works with closing 100% of the position in a martingale situation with hedge-factor 0.5 it closes 50% of an losing order in a hedge sitation.

One more thing: All kinds of hedges (triggerd by any event) should be able to open after setup in the hedge module. (So auto-hedge on DrawDown and hedges by Allow hedge on its own signal can work together.

Sounds usefull? Thanks for feedback.


Sometimes it will be more useful to use the parameter “minimum part of a losing order to close” in absolute value. For example, set this parameter to 0.02 lots. If the total lot of a losing position is, for example, 1 lot, after partial closing there will be 0.98 lots left. Then again, under favorable conditions, another 0.02 lot will be closed and 0.96 lots will remain. And so on.

zen vakil

Hi Jan, I've tried to string together something similar but haven't had much luck. I would love to see this implemented.