Commodities Special Edition - optimised for IC Markets!

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So I have been doing a lot of optimisation testing on exclusively commodities. I went a little mad and tested most metals, on USD and EUR and Brent, Crude and Natural Gas. One major lesson, don't trade manually on Natural Gas with a lot size of 0.5 and IC 500 to 1 leverage unless you want to lost all your money in one trade. Totally messed my testing on it. 

A lot of brute force optimisation was done. Literally test both oscillators on all time frames 4 320 scenarios to go through. All tested for this year only. High drawdown in some cases - yes! Definitely! Great profits? yes. But some would only trade less that 50 times in 8 months, but with 70% + accuracy and good profits. All have optimised stop losses also. I just can't seem to get a good signal on metals like Palladium and Platinum, but gold and silver come out very well! 

I will publish the single tests for you as well to look at. Otherwise, test them yourselves. Again, these only really work well on IC markets. Trying on other brokers -good luck getting any reproducible results. For example if I use these on another demo server like Admiral Markets it just doesn't work.


MT version:
EA version:
M5 and various - Depends on testing
Sai Pratap

Thanks for the sets. Let me try with Octa FX and post the feedback. Iam also looking for a good set with XAUUSD.

Sai Pratap

These sets were not giving fruitful results on Octa FX. Better be tested on other brokers as well plz.

Kishan Bhatt

Yes, I agree. Unfortunately I am finding this with all the testing I do. I will find a great signal on one, then it's rubbish on others. That's why I always mention the broker. Just something we have to be careful about. Thanks for testing, at least we can say where it doesn't work. Sometimes I feel it is just as important to say what doesn't work as well as what does. And peer reviewing each other's sets is important.