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Dear members of this amazing forum.

This is continuation of my previous post where I posted a US500 M5 strategy. I was able to work on different instruments and believe best way to share results and my studies are now on this Global Indexes post.

I was able to consolidate the following basic strategy:

  • Buy only, no indicator (can use a MA as optional)
  • H1, if you would like more emotion you can go to other timeframes
  • TP between 0.50% - 0.80% of instrument value
    • In my view the current TPs will work as the instruments value are between pre pandemic crash and not much higher than historical high
  • Martingale around same value of TP (lower values generates more aggressive strategies)
    • Generally speaking, the more aggressive is the martingale (step and multiplier) the higher is the dd but floating isn’t keep for longer periods, the opposite if the martingale is less aggressive (lower dd but floating may take longer periods until take profit)
  • Partial close (use all positive orders to close orders from top)
    • Keep open martingale to closing orders from top
  • Use of a moving average to filter martingale and partial close
  • Variations are applied to diversify the strategy (conservative, moderate or aggressive)
  • Diversification of capital is also provided by whether considering or not the dd from feb-mar 2020, related to covid-19, on the capital allocation.

Current running live with the following instruments on Exness broker, in 4 different accounts:

  • Fr40
  • Us500
  • UsTec
  • Stoxx50
  • Bra50 (ActivTrades)

Set files side-by-side comparison and BT results (xls) are attached on the excel file, together with my current capital allocation for each of the strategies.

Tarso Mastella - Global Indexes.xlsx

Following individual posts contain the set files, balance/equity graph and bt results for the different versions.

Thanks Andrey for this amazing EA, I will keep studying it and sharing results, hope and can start contributing as a patron soon.

My signals running the strategies:

MT version:
Set for MT5 only
EA version:
Fr40, UsTec, Us500, Stoxx50, Bra50

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Tarso Mastella

Below are the set files and power point with BT results for Fr40

Tarso Mastella - Global Indexes Fr40.pptx
communitypower Fr40 H1 v4.set

Tarso Mastella

Below are the set files and power point with BT results for Stoxx50

communitypower stoxx50 h1v1.set
Tarso Mastella - Global Indexes Stoxx50.pptx

Tarso Mastella

Thank you Tarso!

I'm using a real account together with Tarso, and the entire pool of indexes has an incredible result. I created a pool based on the DD of the EA's, balancing it with my money.

Andrey Khatimlianskyi

What a great post! Thank you, Tarso!



Thank you for sharing

Why you still using cp v2.42?

v2.43 and 2.44 have important fixes

Paolo Scardia
great work. can work on roboforex with cent account?
Paolo Scardia

or do you know broker with cent account for using this strategy?